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Breas iSleep 20i Self-Adjusting CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

Breas iSleep 20i Self-Adjusting CPAP Machine with Heated Humidifier

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Blowout Price: $599.00 USD

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The Breas iSleep 20i is an advanced, high performance, self-adjusting CPAP that predictively identifies and treats obstructed breathing at a reduced mean pressure level compared to conventional CPAP. The iSleep 20i uses a patented advanced signal processing technique to detect various breathing patterns in order to provide the appropriate treatment.

The optional iSleep PC Software displays pressure, flow, leakage and any abnormal breathing as waveforms on the screen and in the reports. It also displays a histogram of pressure levels as well as an index of abnormal respiration, as a percentage of total therapeutic time (ARDI). It provides a compliance report and full disclosure therapy report with the patient’s AHI, pressure, flow and leakage data.

The memory card capability allows for quick and easy download of long-term patient compliance data and detailed log. The truly integrated heated humidifier provides adjustable upper airway’s humidification for increased compliance.

The upright and stable design of the iSleep 20i takes up minimum space on the nightstand and suits perfectly any bedroom. The hose connection in the rear makes it look like a normal item on the nightstand.

The lightweight design and the built-in carrying handle makes travelling easy. The universal power supply enables operation in any corner of the world. It can even be powered from a car or recreational vehicle when enjoying an active everyday life.

Designed for easy use at home. Intuitive user interface. Ultra low noise and integrated heated humidifier. Portable and easy to carry.


• Self-adjusting pressure through patented iTechnology
• Comprehensive yet easy to use PC software with remote control capability
• Detailed patient log displaying abnormal breathing
• Memory card capability
• Integrated AHI and leakage calculation
• Enhanced User Interface yet extremely easy use with big buttons
• Large backlit graphical display with built-in alarm clock
• Designed for travelling; world wide mains power compatibility and DC power options
• Rear hose swivel connection
• Designed for a wide range of masks
• Power failure restart function
• Extremely low noise
• Unique snooze function
• Small footprint even with the integrated humidifier attached
• Designed for Home


2 years

Package includes:

  • Breas iSleep 20i self-adjusting CPAP machine
  • Heated humidifier
  • Power Cord
  • Initial Filters, 
  • 6' CPAP tubing
  • Travel Bag
  • Instruction manuals


Devices modes
• Clinical
• Home

Therapeutical modes:
• iMode (self-adjusting)

Pressure settings 4 to 20 cmH2O (CPAP mode)
Min pressure setting (Pmin) : 4 cmH2O to Pmin
Max pressure setting (Pmax): Pmin to 20 cmH2O
Ramp time: 5 to 60 min

The iSleep 20i is an advanced high performance self-adjusting CPAP that predictively identifies and treats obstructed breathing at a reduced mean pressure level compared to conventional CPAP.

  • Ramp start pressure 4 cmH2O to Pmin
  • Integrated heated humidifier 1 to 9
  • Maximum flow 6.7 cmH2O: 108 l/min
  • 13.3 cmH2O: 132 l/min
  • 20 cmH2O: 132 l/min
  • Maximum limited pressure during single fault condition 30 cmH2O
  • Breathing resistance under single fault condition 0.9 cmH2O at 30 l/min
  • 3.2 cmH2O at 60 l/min
  • Digital output Serial communication (RJ45)
  • Sound level at 10 cmH2O Less than 28 dB(A)

Breas Medical AB reserves the right to make changes to the contents of this Product Specification without any prior notification. August 2009.

Internal function failure: Message on the display

Power Supplies:
Main supply 100 to 240 V AC
External DC supply 24 V DC, 12V adapter available
Standby power 3 W

W x H x D 173 x 172 x 201 mm (with humidifier HA 20)
Weight: 1.9 kg
Air outlet: 22 mm conical standard connector

Operating Conditions:
Recommended mask leakage 20 to 40 litres/min at 10 cmH2O
Minimum mask leakage 12 litres/min at 4 cmH2O

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