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Bilevel positive airway pressure (BPAP) changes between two different levels of positive airway pressure. These changes match your own respiratory cycle, making it easier for you to breathe by decreasing the work your lungs have to do. Your doctor will prescribe the alternating pressures used by the BPAP machine. Higher pressures are used for breathing in, and lower pressures are used for breathing out. BPAP has been shown to be effective for managing COPD1 as well as other breathing difficulties.

1Ankaergaard, K., Tonnesen, P., Laursen, L. et al. Home Non Invasive Ventilation (NIV) treatment for COPD patients with a history of NIV-treated exacerbation; a randomized, controlled, multi-center study. BMC Pulmonary Medicine. 2016. 16(1):32.