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Hybernite® Rainout Control System Heated Breathing Tube

Hybernite® Rainout Control System Heated Breathing Tube

Blowout Price: $99.00 USD

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During respiratory therapy it is of utmost importance that the patient receives the optimal humidified and heated gas. Currently, the main focus is on delivering humidified and heated air to the patient whether they are undergoing sleep therapy or ventilation therapy. For sleep therapy, the Hybernite® rain-out control system is a heated tube using its own power supply, which prevents condensation in the tube when a heated humidifier is used with a PAP ventilator.

Hybernite® is compatible with most CPAP systems that use standard tubing.

This includes both old and new CPAP machines, such as:

• Philips Respironics - M-Series humidifiers
• Philips Respironics System One
• Resmed H4i Humidifiers (S8-series)
• Resmed H5i Humidifiers (S9-series)

The Hybernite® Rainout Control System consists of the Hybernite® Heated Breathing Tube (HBT) and the Hybernite® Power Supply Unit (PSU). The Hybernite® HBT connects to the Hybernite® PSU via an easy plug-and-play connector.

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